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Financing the energy transition

The energy transition is a crucial process to meet current environmental challenges. For this, it is essential to finance projects that promote this transition, such as the development of renewable energies, the energy efficiency of buildings, or even sustainable mobility.

Energy performance contract

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a contractual agreement between you and GREENBIRDIE. The objective of the CPE is to improve the customer's energy efficiency by reducing their energy consumption, while maintaining or improving the quality of the energy services provided.

Search for grants

GREENBIRDIE assists you in putting together grant research files.

Energy saving certificates (CEE)

We support you to make the most of energy performance improvement operations by setting up files allowing the valuation of ESCs on standardized operations or specific operations.

Financing of photovoltaic power plants

We offer financing solutions for photovoltaic power plants in network resale and self-consumption.

Key figures

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