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Reduce energy bills

GREENBIRDIE's mission is to reduce the energy bills of companies and organizations through a holistic approach to energy transition. To achieve this, the company uses several tools and strategies.

By combining these strategies and tools, GREENBIRDIE can help businesses achieve significant energy savings and reduce their long-term energy bills. In addition, reducing energy consumption can contribute to the fight against climate change and the transition to renewable energy sources.

Energetic audience

GREENBIRDIE carries out comprehensive energy audits to identify sources of energy waste and propose solutions to eliminate them. Energy audits can help businesses and condominiums understand how they use energy and identify ways to save money on their energy bills.

Tertiary Decree

GREENBIRDIE can help companies comply with the tertiary decree, which requires tertiary buildings to reduce their energy consumption by 40% by 2030. By carrying out energy audits and proposing solutions to improve energy efficiency, l company can help companies achieve these ambitious goals.

Electric mobility - IRVE

GREENBIRDIE can help companies install electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVRI). This can help companies reduce their carbon footprint and meet the needs of employees who want to use electric vehicles.


GREENBIRDIE can help companies obtain ISO 50001 certification for energy management. This international standard provides a framework for improving energy efficiency, reducing costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

AMO energy new building and renovation

GREENBIRDIE can also help building owners to benefit from the advantages of Project Management Assistance (AMO) for energy renovation. This can include advice on choosing the right energy efficiency solutions, recommendations for financing and financial incentives, as well as support services to help building owners manage energy renovations effectively.

Energy purchase

GREENBIRDIE can help companies negotiate energy supply contracts at advantageous rates. By working with energy suppliers, the company can help companies reduce their long-term energy costs

Key figures

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