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Catalog of services

You will find below the description of different services

Energy diagnosis

In addition to knowing your position in relation to your peers, the energy diagnosis provides you with the first answers to achieve energy sobriety, namely to consume less without investment.

Also take advantage of this opportunity to identify potential avenues for energy reduction and financial gain.

RGE Lighting Study

Lighting generally constitutes up to 30% of your electricity consumption. Upgrading light fixtures can reduce this cost by 50-80  %, it is more essential than ever to study the lighting solutions available to you when relamping or creating premises. Tertiary companies, also take the opportunity to benefit from Energy Savings Certificates (EEC) to finance your LED relamping.

Solar or Biomass MOE

To ensure that the technical performance of your future installations is achieved, working with a project manager is essential to guarantee the smooth running of the project. From the design phase, to the acceptance of the works and the monitoring of the performance of your installation over time, good technical monitoring is important to frame all the stakeholders.

Energetic audience

Turn your regulatory requirement into an opportunity to improve your energy performance thanks to our expert advice. From the reference state of your consumption and a site visit, we offer you solutions for reducing your energy bill.

Dynamic Thermal Simulation

Dynamic thermal simulation is a real decision-making tool for project owners and designers. The realistic and global modeling of all energy solutions makes it possible to optimize the design of a building or its renovation thanks to a projection of the energy performance of the building.


Meet your regulatory obligation and take this opportunity to measure your carbon footprint by completing your BEGES – Greenhouse Gas Emission Report. From the collection of data around your activity, we draw the reduction actions allowing you to show your exemplarity


The constant evolution of the energy market requires continuous monitoring to reduce and control your energy bill. The objective of energy management is to set up an effective energy management policy adapted to your uses. Mark your commitment to sustainable development with continuous management of your energy issues.

Self-consumption study

Consume your electricity and gain energy independence by controlling your expenses over the long term.

You will thus reduce your energy bill by consuming your green and local energy.

Life cycle analysis

Give yourself a global and multi-criteria vision of the environmental impacts of your product, service or process, through life cycle analysis. This method also allows you to predict pollution shifts by identifying the most contributing items.


As part of the design of a building, we support you in a bioclimatic project which includes the analysis of  : the integration of renewable energies, the reduction of the environmental impact (Life Cycle Analysis) in construction and operation, energy performance and air quality.

AMO Solar or Biomass

Project developers, you want to be accompanied by our team of solar or biomass experts, you have come to the right place.

Let's draw together your ENR ambitions and let us formalize them and translate them into technical terms for you

Electric mobility

The Energy Transition Law for Green Growth provides for the development of clean transport, in particular by setting a target of 7 million charging points for electric cars in 2030 and imposes on local authorities a minimum of 20% electric vehicles when renewing their fleet.

Take advantage of our expertise to help you find an offer that meets your needs.

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